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Your eyes are key to unlocking the window to your soul & your future.

At Austin Brainspotting Counseling, we are counselors and therapists who are trained to attune to eye positions and facial/body reflexes to detect and resolve traumatic issues, including chronic physical/emotional/mental pain and vulnerabilities, crises & illnesses, as well as ongoing relationship challenges. 

In a Brainspotting session, there is often less talking and more brain processing than a typical therapy session. It can work alongside other things you are doing to improve your mental wellness. You have to see it with your own eyes to witness the powerful change and help it creates organically and quickly.

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What the studies are showing… 

What people are saying… 

“Brainspotting is a therapeutic approach I’ve developed over the past 12 years to access the emotional and somatic areas deep in the brain, bypassing the areas of thought and language. Through an integration of EMDR and Somatic Experiencing, it focuses on using eye gaze and body awareness to access and process traumatic memories that may be difficult to bring to consciousness otherwise. But unlike other brain-based technologies, Brainspotting recognizes the healing power of relationship, relying on the therapist’s ability to observe closely how clients visually orient as they immerse in their deep personal issues and to attune to what the clients say and how they say it.”  

Dr. David Grand, founder of BSP

“In a Brainspotting session, I experienced a relaxed and hypnotic state while simultaneously being aware of my emotional experiences, bodily sensations, and thoughts. Emily guided me through the session in a caring and attuned way. After the session, I continued to feel more in touch with myself and others.”  

Katrina Taylor, austinpsychotherapyservices.com

Eye on our Founder

Founded in 2014
by Emily Schottman, LPC​
Masters in Counseling, OD, FCOVD

Areas of expertise:  Anxiety, Depression, Post Trauma Stress Issues, Functional Vision Issues, Brainspotting, ETT/Syntonics (colored lights for anxiety, depression, seasonal affective disorder) & Counseling